22 Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist

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Your wedding makeup artist should make you look and feel fabulous. To help you narrow your search, we’ve put together 22 questions to ask your makeup artist before booking.

Do you specialise in weddings?

Not all makeup artists have the same skill set. Some specialise in weddings, others in theatre, and some in fashion looks. Make sure your chosen makeup artist can create the look you’d like.

Can I see your portfolio?

One of the simplest ways to make sure your makeup artist can create your look is by viewing their portfolio. This could be printed, on a website or social media. Make sure you look at the reviews from real customers too.

What is included in your price?

While this isn’t the most important question to ask, it will help you to know if a makeup artist is within your budget. Make sure you ask about travel expenses, makeup trials, and if lashes or certain products are included or add-ons.

Do you travel?

While most wedding makeup artists are mobile, some are based in salons. If your makeup artist doesn’t travel, make sure it’s feasible for you and your bridal party to get to and from their salon on the morning of the wedding.

What are your hygiene processes?

This is one of the most important questions for your makeup artist. How do they clean their brushes? How do they make sure no infections are spread between clients? How do they keep all their makeup clean? If you’re not 100% happy with their processes, don’t book. The most beautiful makeup in the world isn’t worth the risk of an eye or skin infection after your wedding day.

How long will the makeup take?

This is an essential question for scheduling your wedding morning. You’ll need to leave enough time for everyone’s hair and make up to be complete, plus some additional time for top ups just before you leave.

How long does the trial take?

Is there time within the trial to try a few different looks? Is there a strict limit, or can you stay in the chair until you’re happy? In some cases it may be more appropriate to book separate trials for different looks, but your makeup artist should be able to talk through this with you.

When do we need to schedule the trial?

You’ll need to know how many weeks before the wedding you need to book your trial. This should be a standard procedure for your makeup artist, so they’ll be able to give you all the timings.

Should I bring my accessories to my trial?

If you already have your wedding accessories, ask if you should wear them on the day of the trial or bring them to help visualise the final look. If you don’t have the exact accessories, but do have something similar, take those along instead.

Could you use my makeup?

Skin conditions and allergies are very real. If you have sensitive skin, or react to any types of makeup, talk to your makeup artist. They may be able to work your own products into the trial or offer alternatives. If they can use your makeup – just make sure you have it to hand on the wedding morning!

Would you like to see my inspiration board?

Some makeup artists love to see your inspiration to help them get an idea of the look you’re going for. A visual reference is always helpful! ( Pinterest is great for this!)

Can I use fake tan?

If you’re planning on using fake tan before your wedding, it’s crucial that your makeup artist knows about it. They’ll need to colour match your skin, so if it’s going to be a few shades darker than at your trial they need to know.

What brands do you use?

You’ll need to make sure that your MUA is using high quality products, and reputable brands. If you’re aiming for an environmentally friendly, or cruelty free wedding, checking the brands used will help you achieve this goal.

What do I do about top ups during the day?

When it comes to reapplying lipstick, will your MUA leave the exact colour for you to use, or will you need to provide your own? Is there a knack to re-applying? Make sure you have all the information you’ll need to stay looking your best into the night.

Do you also do wedding hair?

Some MUAs are also hair stylists, and can offer a package service. Even if your favourite makeup artist isn’t able to do your hair, they’ll have worked with a lot of hair stylists and may be able to give you some recommendations.

What’s your emergency plan?

This is such an important question, that nobody ever wants to think about. If your makeup artist is unwell on your wedding day, or if there’s an emergency that means they can’t attend, what’s the plan? Do they have people they can call to cover them in an emergency? This should also be outlined in their contract.

How many bookings do you take per day?

Ideally your makeup artist will only take one wedding booking per day. They may have other makeup styles booked in for later in the day, but you’ll need to be sure that if your wedding morning runs over they’ll be able to give you the time needed.

What’s your cancellation/postponement policy?

Is there a charge if your wedding is postponed? What is the policy for cancellations? This should be in the contract, but asking is always a good idea too.

Do you have insurance?

All your wedding suppliers should have the relevant insurance. Make sure you ask!

Do you have any qualifications?

While formal qualifications aren’t what make a good makeup artist, it’s always good to know their background.

Do you have an assistant?

If you have a large bridal party some makeup artists will have an assistant to help the morning go smoother. Make sure you see examples of the assistants work as well as the main MUA.

What is the booking process?

If you’ve found the makeup artist of your dreams, ask how to book! Get all the information on when payment needs to be made and take a look at their full contract to get booked in.

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