Bridesmaid Dresses Guide

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Today we’re talking bridesmaid dresses. There are so many questions when it comes to bridesmaid outfits. Who chooses what to wear? What colour should it be? Who pays? In our bridesmaid dresses guide we’re answering all your questions, plus giving you some inspiration from our real weddings (including where to buy!).

Who Chooses The Bridesmaid Dresses

The bride or wedding couple generally have the final say on all wedding decisions. However, if you want to be certain your bridesmaids will be comfortable on your wedding day, it’s a good idea to let them choose their dress. If you have a large wedding party it may be a good idea to have three or four styles for them to choose from. Narrowing the selection will make the day run much smoother.

Who Pays

There is no set rule on who pays for the bridesmaid dresses. Some couples include outfits in their wedding budget, some ask the wedding party to pay for themselves and others go 50/50. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your wedding party (both bridesmaids and groomsmen) are aware of your decision and what is expected of them when you ask them to be part of your day.

How To Coordinate Dress Colour

Bridesmaid dresses should complement the overall look of the wedding. Think about the overall look you’re aiming for, and make sure the colour fits in. You may want to consider having the groomsmen’s accessories tie in with the dresses, or have contrasting colours that come together with the wedding flowers. If having the same colour isn’t practical, consider having a muted or more neutral colour that will match everything. (Silver or steel blue are good choices for this!)

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Here we’ve put together some of our favourite bridesmaid looks. They’ve all come from our real wedding blog, and we’ve added a link to the shop each one was purchased from to help you find your perfect bridesmaid dresses.
Wed 2 Be Rotherham – Jade & Steven
Bride with bridesmaids at Whitley Hall wedding
Casamiento – Devon & Steven
Bridal party before entering Wath church
Oasis – Holly & Ben
Bridesmaids before they walk down the aisle at Holiday Inn Barnsley Outdoor ceremony
Quiz – Adam & Keeley
Bridesmaid dresses from Quiz
Chi Chi London – Karyn & Andy
The Bridal Party outside Wentworth Church
Monsoon – Laura & Andrew
Bridesmaids during the wedding ceremony at Cutlers' Hall Sheffield
Dorothy Perkins – Andrew & Fran

Green bridesmaid dresses hanging on a window with beaded detail from Dorothy Perkins
The Bridal House, Leeds – Dan & Julie

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