How to choose your wedding photographer: Trust

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Step 5. Trust (and getting along!)

This is the single most important part of choosing your wedding photographer and is worth taking some time on.

Just as you get the feeling that ‘this is the dress’, you’ll have an immediate feeling about your photographer. Your photographer will be with you all day, so it is essential you get along.

The only way you can be sure that you get along with and trust your photographer is by meeting them!

Their online presence may be fabulous, but if you don’t ‘click’ in person then they’re probably the wrong photographer for you. The last thing you need on your wedding day is the added stress of checking that they’re doing their job. If you don’t get along and trust your photographer, you’ll find yourself checking up on them during the day and they will begin to annoy you. There’s nothing worse than looking back at your wedding photographs and remembering how awful the person who took them was.

Bride and groom walking through the grounds of Cornhill castle Biggar Scotland choosing wedding photographer

When you organise a meeting with a photographer, most of the time the person you meet will be the person who will be there on the day. Occasionally it won’t be, so make sure you ask. You may get along perfectly with the person you meet, but maybe not so well with the photographer who will be there on your day.

The same goes for second photographers, make sure you at least speak to them before your wedding. While they’ll not be as prominent on your day as your main photographer, you still need to feel comfortable around them.

If you find someone you click with, book!

The chances are if you get along with them then they’re a really lovely person, so they’ll be in high demand. Don’t lose your date by thinking about it too long. After the wedding is over you’ll have your memories, your dress, and your photographs. Make sure the photographs, and the memory attached to them, are everything you want them to be.

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