Everything you need to know about your pre-wedding shoot

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Included in every Charlotte Elizabeth wedding package is a pre-wedding shoot. Today we’re looking at what a pre-wedding shoot actually is, and why we think they’re important.

What is a pre-wedding shoot

Quite simply a pre-wedding shoot is a photography session which takes place before the wedding. They’re sometimes referred to as engagement shoots and the idea is that you spend some time with your photographer to see how you all work together.

We offer two options for these shoots, to either have a short session in the studio to quickly go through some poses and get used to being in front of the camera, or a full shoot on location where we can create some beautiful images.

Black and white image of a couple looking at each other in the studio on their pre-wedding shoot

Why are they important?

Pre-wedding shoots are really important, especially if you’re not very comfortable in front of the camera. It’s an opportunity to go through some poses and discuss in a little more detail what you’d like from your couples photographs on the day.

It’s also a good opportunity to trial anything you’d like to do on the day, without the pressure of your wedding party waiting for you!

A couple on a bench at the old weighing room Doncaster racecourse

Where do they take place?

Your pre-wedding shoot can take place either in the studio, or out on location. If possible it is always nice for the pre-wedding shoot to take place at your venue. This gives us the chance to walk around together and to talk about where you would like your images on the wedding day.

If you didn’t want to have your shoot at your venue, we can venture out into the countryside. There are lots of lovely parks and outdoor spaces we can go, if you need recommendations just ask!

A couple on a pre-wedding shoot at Monk Bretton Priory Barnsley kissing in the ruins

What do I wear?

The most important thing when planning your pre-wedding shoot outfit is that you are comfortable. If you don’t like what you’re wearing then it will show in the images.

The second most important thing is to coordinate. If your partner would like to wear jeans, don’t come dressed for a ball! This also goes for colours and patterns. Try and stick to the same colour pallet and make sure if you have a bold pattern, only one of you wears it. The last thing you’ll want to do is clash!

The final thing to consider is footwear. This comes back to your comfort. Think about where your shoot is taking place and what will be appropriate. If we’re heading to a grassy area and it’s been raining, heels are a bad idea.

A couple on a pre-wedding shoot at Newmillerdam country park Barnsley


Last but not least, remember to be yourself!

This shoot is all about your relationship as a couple and who you are as individuals. Don’t try and be overly romantic if that’s just not you. We want to capture your personalities, not who you think you should be!

A couple on a pre-wedding shoot at Monk Bretton Priory

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