How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

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Having the right venue for your wedding is super important. It will create the backdrop for the entire day. The smallest of things can create a fantastic atmosphere, or bring it down. We’ve put together our top tips on how to choose your wedding venue.

1. Budget

Your venue is likely to be the first thing you book for your wedding, so it’s really important not to over spend. Being clear on what your budget is means you won’t have to struggle further down the line.

2. Capacity

Making sure that your venue can hold all your guests comfortably means you won’t have to make any tough decisions when it comes to who to invite. Thinking about who you’d like to invite to your evening reception is just as important as your day guest list.

3. Location

A good location can comprise of many things. If you’re having a religious ceremony before moving to your reception, not having too much distance between the two is important. Keeping your venue relatively local to your guests is a good way to keep their costs down, and make it simple for them to attend. Most importantly – you have to love it.

The Old Weighing Room at Doncaster Racecourse

4. Style

Choosing a venue that fits your style, or more importantly the style of your wedding, can seem like a mammoth task. Make a list of the things your venue must have and make sure the ones you view tick them all.

5. View

It is so important to visit a few venues before you decide on one. Images online will give you a rough idea of what a place is like, but until you’ve actually stood inside the rooms it’s difficult to know if it has everything you’re looking for.

6. Photographs

When you’re looking at a place think about where you’d like your photographs to be. Are there large grounds? Is there inside space? Where will your group shots be? What happens in the rain? The venues will likely have a gallery of images they can show you for each situation, or you can speak to a photographer.

7. Packages

Know what’s included in the venue’s package. Is it possible to add on items? Can you take off things you don’t want? Talk to the wedding coordinator and get the full information before making a final decision.

How to choose your wedding venue
Cornhill Castle, Biggar

8. Instinct

With most things in the wedding industry, trusting your instinct is vital. On paper you may find the venue of your dreams, but if your instinct is saying that something isn’t right look elsewhere. This is one of the biggest decisions of your wedding – trust yourself.

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