How to Wear a Buttonhole

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One of the most common questions we get asked on a wedding morning is how to wear the buttonhole flower. Is it on the left or right? Should it be stem up or down? Do men and women wear it the same way? The biggest worry isn’t whether it’s being done correctly, but that it’s being done in the same way as wedding party members who are getting ready elsewhere.

We decided to get to the bottom of what is ‘correct’.

The Buttonhole

The men of the wedding party should all have a buttonhole flower. Traditionally this was designed to be worn through the top left buttonhole of the jacket. In most suit jackets there is an extra buttonhole for this very purpose. However, this is meant for just one flower.

Most arrangements nowadays comprise of a few different flowers, and maybe some foliage, making it much too big to be slotted through. In this case the arrangement is placed on the lapel and attached with a pin.

The men’s buttonholes are always worn stem-down with the pin (if one is used) behind the lapel out of sight.

Groom in blue suit with paper buttonhole

The Corsage

The women in the wedding party also have a flower, but this is called a corsage. Traditionally this is worn on the right hand side of the jacket, stem up. However some florists design all corsage and buttonholes to be worn stem down.

If you haven’t had the chance to speak to the florist beforehand, see what looks best. There should be an obvious way of wearing the corsage – the other will look like it’s upside down!

The women’s corsages are worn on the right, but direction alters depending on what has been arranged with the florist.

Although it may seem like a huge part of the day, in reality most people aren’t entirely sure how to wear their flower. The most important thing is that everyone matches, and there’s always time to do a quick swap around before the ceremony if needed!

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