Midweek Weddings Pros & Cons

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Most weddings take place on a Saturday, with a large percentage now being held on a Friday and Sunday too. But should we also be considering the other days of the week? Today we’re talking about midweek weddings, and their pros & cons.


Save Money
One of the biggest factors couples consider for their wedding is their budget. A lot of venues and suppliers offer discounts for midweek weddings meaning you could save a significant amount of money. You may also save your guests some cash too – hotel room costs tend to rise at the premium weekend times.

Imagine choosing your dream wedding venue, only to be told that to hold your wedding on a weekend date there is an 18 month wait. If you want that weekend during the peak wedding season, the wait is 2 years plus. Choosing a weekday will open up so many more options, you may even be able to pick a date the same year.
This is also true for your suppliers and even your registrars. While they may have limited weekend availability, we’ll bet that their weekday wedding diary isn’t nearly as full.

Special Date
If you’d always wanted to get married on a special anniversary a weekday wedding may be necessary. Some couples would rather wait for their special date to land on a weekend, but it could take years. Others compromise and choose a date closest. Choosing a weekday means no compromise is needed.

Cut The Guest List
For some couples cutting the guest list is a huge plus. It saves money and can make your wedding feel incredibly intimate. It can also cut out anyone who feels obliged to attend. If people want to be at your wedding, they will put in the holidays and be there. Anyone who doesn’t won’t. Just make sure you give plenty of warning, and consider guests who can’t choose when their holidays are (hi teachers!).

Midweek Weddings The Parker Suite at Whitley Hall Hotel


Less Guests
One of the biggest cons of a weekday wedding is less guests. We know – we said above it was a ‘pro’ – but it can be both. There’ll be less people willing to just attend your evening reception, especially if they have to travel to do so. There may also be fewer children present, and some guests might have to dash off for the school run.

Holiday Days
Most people who do attend will have to use holiday days to be there – yourselves included. If you plan on a Wednesday wedding, most of your close guests will either need to take two holiday days, or be up for work the morning after.

Midweek Weddings Guests Dancing at Bagden Hall Hotel Wedding
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