Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from Bijou Bridal Boutique

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Today we wanted to talk to you about wedding dress shopping. As boutiques and stores start to open up following lockdown the experience looks a little different than before. What better way to give you top tips for wedding dress shopping than from a boutique owner themselves?

We spoke to Kerensa Dyson from Bijou Bridal Boutique in Holmfirth to get all the information you’ll need. See all her top tips below.

Bijou Bridal Boutique Tips

So you’re planning your big day! How wonderful! You’ve got the venue booked and you’ve probably started pinning ideas on a Pinterest board. Let’s face it, we all love Pinterest! It has so much food for the eyes! How do you go about the all-important Wedding dress shopping in our new “Coronavirus” environment? Kerensa Dyson from Bijou Bridal Boutique in Holmfirth has put together some fabulous top tips to help with any concerns you may have.

Tip 1 – Stay Local

Don’t be concerned about visiting your local bridal shop as they will have had to introduce every necessary precaution to keep you all safe. Most bridal shops have rejigged the way they work to enable keeping a safe distance. As my boutique is already very spacious, we can easily accommodate the bride and two VIP guests for a bridal appointment. We also have the Portal from Facebook set up so that you can invite guests to view live on video and join in the fun! It’s still an exciting time even though we have to don the face coverings and keep our distance! We are all in it together!

Tip 2 – Research

Do some research online and choose local independent bridal shops to find that all important wedding dress. They need your trust and your business more than ever after being closed for nearly 4 months during the lockdown. Bridal shops are also introducing a booking fee to encourage wedding dress shoppers to book appointments and reduce no-shows. This helps to keep the risk of spreading the virus to a minimum! Long gone are the days when you could make appointments at half a dozen bridal shops all over the county and invite 4/5 guests to come for the experience with you! It just isn’t possible to do now, and this new system keeps everyone as safe as possible. So, if you’re serious about finding ‘The One’ get that appointment booked!

Tip 3 – On The Day

You’ve booked your appointment and you’re excited to choose ‘the dress’ but how do you prepare for trying dresses on? We need to keep the touching of dresses to a minimum and so being the bridal consultant who offers private one to one appointments, I will be with you in the changing room guiding you in and out of the dresses and fastening them for you. There are cotton gloves to wear and plenty of hand sanitizer stations dotted around the boutique for everyone to use. It helps to wear neutral underwear on the day but it isn’t essential. Try to wear as little make up as possible to keep it from transferring onto the dresses, and keep you looking like you. Keep an open mind when trying on dresses and welcome suggestions from the bridal consultant as they have extensive knowledge of the dresses they carry and what suits different body shapes. I have a podium in front of the mirror for the bride to stand on and so wearing shoes isn’t necessary either. Just come as you are with your VIP guests, ready to ‘Say Yes to the Dress’!!

You’ll find out more about Bijou Bridal Boutique in Holmfirth, including the designers and dresses they carry over on their website and social media pages.
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