What Happens At The Meeting Before The Wedding Ceremony?

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If your wedding ceremony is going to be conducted by a registrar, there will be a short meeting just before your wedding ceremony. Here’s everything you need to know.

When does the meeting happen?

The meeting happens just before your wedding ceremony. If you’re choosing not to see each other before the wedding ceremony the Groom usually goes first, around 30 minutes before the ceremony start time. The bride will be seen 10-15 minutes before the ceremony start time.

This meeting is different to giving notice, which happens no later than one month before the wedding. Read about giving notice here.

The wedding rings before the wedding ceremony

What you need to take

There’s nothing you need for this meeting. All the formal documents have been seen at your giving notice. You will be asked to check the details on the marriage document, including your parent’s professions, so if you’re not sure of job titles it’s worth noting those somewhere but this isn’t essential.

Who will be there?

This is a private meeting between you and the registrars that will be conducting your wedding ceremony. There will be two registrars and yourself. No suppliers (including photographers) will be present.

The wedding ceremony at Burntwood Chapel

What happens in the meeting?

This meeting is a final check – it’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

The registrars will introduce themselves, and go through the information you’ve already given when you gave notice. This includes spellings, job titles and anything else written on your marriage document. If anything is incorrect it can be changed free of charge at this point.

You’ll then be walked through the wedding ceremony. They’ll check who has the rings, if the bride is being given away, and the order everyone is walking down the aisle. Some registrars also ask whether you’d like them to make a ‘no photography/videography’ announcement.

Finally they’ll ask if you have any other questions before the ceremony begins.

And that’s it!

When both meetings have concluded your guests will be seated for the start of your wedding ceremony and the formalities of your day will begin.