What Is A Mini Moon?

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We all know that after the wedding it’s traditional for the newlyweds to head off on their honeymoon. But the mini moon has been slowly becoming more popular in recent years, which led us to the question; What is a mini moon and is it worth having one?

We have all the answers here.

What is a mini moon?

A mini moon is a short break that usually lasts less than a week. It’s generally in the country you’re married in, quite close to home. It’s a chance to relax and spend time together after the wedding day, without any wedding planning!

Why they’re great

Because they’re shorter breaks, mini moons can be cheaper and more relaxed than a full blown honeymoon. You’re closer to home, don’t need to worry about passports being in date or packing for a three week trip. If you book the right accommodation you can even take your pets with you.

Mini moons also work well if you have children. We know a few couples who have taken their children with them to the coast after the wedding day. Some even take their parents too so they can have one evening child-free! If you decide not to take your little ones, being an hour’s drive away from home can be much more comforting than a few hours flight.

Save Money
A few days away will cost a lot less than a few weeks just on accommodation alone. Not to mention how much you’ll save on excursions, food, honeymoon clothes, passport renewals, flights, transfers… the list goes on!

By choosing a mini moon you’ll be taking away all the stress of travel timings, and cramming as much into your holiday as you can. If you’re driving to your mini moon destination, there are no rules on when to set off. If there’s traffic, it’s not the end of the world.
The same can be said when you arrive. If you’re close enough to home you’ll be able to visit again, so if you fancy a day sitting in your accommodation reading, you won’t miss a once in a lifetime opportunity.

what is a mini moon

Why they’re not

While there are a lot of good reasons to have a mini moon, there are some down sides.

If you’re having a honeymoon too, you’ll be using extra holidays from work. While it may seem like a good idea to have less time off in one big block, you’ll still need to use the days.
They’re a lot shorter than a honeymoon, which means you won’t get as much time to spend together after your wedding before normality hits again.

If you leave it too long, by the time your honeymoon comes around it can just feel like a holiday. While you will both still love each other, and have the holiday of a lifetime, the excitement of being newlyweds may have died down.

If you’ve chosen a mini moon and a honeymoon, you’ll be paying for two trips. While you might have more time to save, the costs shouldn’t be overlooked.
So, would you choose a mini moon over a honeymoon? Will you be doing both? Let us know!

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