What To Expect From A Pre-Wedding Session

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All our wedding packages include a pre-wedding session. Today we’re giving you a full breakdown of what a pre-wedding session is, why we include them in our wedding packages and what to expect from yours.

What is a pre-wedding session?

A pre-wedding session is a photo shoot and meeting combined. It usually takes place 1-2 months before your wedding date, and lasts for around an hour. We’ll talk about the final details of your wedding day, and capture some images of you both.

Where does a pre-wedding session take place?

A pre-wedding session can take place anywhere you’d like. The most common place couples choose is their wedding venue, whether that’s their church, ceremony or reception venue. However, we’ve also met couples at the place where the proposal happened, local parks and back gardens.

We’ll discuss the best location for you when booking a date for the pre-wedding session.

Couple walking through grounds of Rossington Hall with autumn tree on background

What happens at a pre-wedding session?

Pre-wedding sessions are split into two parts, taking around 30 minutes each.

We start by capturing some images of the two of you. We’ll go through some of the poses that we’ll capture on the wedding day itself, almost like a practice run.

Then we’ll take a seat and go through the details of the wedding. We’ll talk through the timings of the day, and make a list of all the group shots you’d like to capture, along with any other details we might need to know.

Both these things combined helps the wedding day run smoothly.

Pre-wedding session at Cubley Hall Hotel Sheffield

Who attends a pre-wedding session?

The couple must attend a pre-wedding session, but we’re always happy to include other family members too. If you’d like to bring children, pets, parents or your wedding party you’re very welcome to do so.

Why is a pre-wedding session important?

A pre-wedding session is included in all our wedding packages because they help the day run much more smoothly.

Because we’ve already gone through some of the poses we’ll capture on the wedding day, and spent a little time perfecting them, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when we describe each image. This saves time when it comes to your couple shots without compromising on any photograph.

Making the list of group shots in advance means that we don’t need to spend any time on the day deciding who should be in which photograph – and means we’re less likely to miss anyone!

It’s also an opportunity to touch base before your wedding day. Some couples book photography 3+ years in advance, so it’s always nice to meet again and answer any questions you may have.

Pre-Wedding in Huddersfield West Yorkshire

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