Where To Change Your Surname (to your married name)

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So, you’ve just married the love of your life. You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe years of planning your dream wedding day and now it’s over. But don’t panic, there’s one more bit of admin to do before the wedding tasks are done; Changing EVERYTHING to your married name. Here we’re giving you a list of where to change your surname, and how simple that is.


Let’s start with the easiest name changes of all.

Social Media

You can update your social media accounts at any point. All you need to do is go into your settings and edit your name. It may take a few hours to roll out to all your friends/followers/connections, but it only takes a few seconds to do.

Make sure you update any social media you use for work as well as personally (we’re looking at you LinkedIn!).


We’re not suggesting you set up an entirely different email account, but if your name shows next to your email address it’s another quick one to update.

Video Call

Check your settings Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Teams… anywhere that you use to video call even if you don’t see your name on there. Sometimes others can see your name even if you don’t have that setting enabled.

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At Work

Depending on your workplace, this could be as simple as updating your email address. It can also mean a full meeting with HR, and the need to send them your marriage document. Either way, it’s best to talk to your manager prior to the wedding to see what the process is.

Some people choose to keep their maiden name at work only. If you require accreditations or special insurances for your job, it’s always worth speaking to your manager to make sure you’ll still be fully covered if you change your name on your legal documents and not at work.

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Legal Documents

Bank Accounts

Most traditional banks require that you pop into a branch with your marriage certificate to change your name on your accounts. This process takes a few minutes, and doesn’t usually need an appointment. In most banks you will need to take your bank card too as a form of identification (so make sure you know your PIN!)

For challenger banks (Monzo, Starling etc.) you’ll need to contact their customer service team. Usually they’ll just need a photograph of your marriage document to update your details.

Paypal also requires a photograph of your marriage document. To change your name on your Paypal account you must use the website on a desktop – not the mobile site or app. There are more instructions on changing your name in Paypal here.

Driving License

Changing your name on a UK driving licence is one of the only things that cannot be done online. You’ll need to go to a post office for a name change form (you can also order one of these here). Fill in the details and send the form, along with your marriage certificate and current driving licence to the address on the envelope. This is not a freepost service, so you’ll also need a stamp.

The DVLA will send your marriage certificate back via second class post unless you enclose an addressed, stamped envelope, in which case they’ll return your document in this. (Currently the cost of a tracked letter is just over £6 – a new marriage document is £11.)

VC5 – Vehicle Log Book

Your Vehicle log book MUST match the name on your driving licence. You can be fined up to £1000 if they don’t. In the log book there is a section to fill in to change your name. Send the whole document to the DVLA along with a letter explaining the name change reason.

Car Insurance

The name on your car insurance must match that of your driving licence. The process for this changes depending on your insurer, so t’s best to contact them. Usually you’ll need to send in your marriage document as proof of the name change.

If you’re waiting for your marriage documents to be returned from the DVLA, your car insurance will still be valid. However it’s best to contact your insurer prior to your documents being returned so there’s no misunderstandings.


There is a charge to update your passport to your married name, and time left on your current passport will not be added to the new one. However, there is no legal requirement to travel under your married name, so a lot of people choose to wait until their passport expires to make this change.

If you do choose to update your name on your passport, you’ll need to send a new passport form along with your current passport and marriage document to the passport office. You can make this change prior to the wedding if you wish – follow these instructions to do so.

If you choose not to update your passport remember – the name you use to book your travel must match your passport. Make sure you use your maiden name for everything from your boarding passes to your travel insurance.

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Changing your name on your utility bills is usually as straightforward as contacting customer services. Most companies don’t require to see your marriage document, and if they do a photograph will usually suffice.

Make sure you update your water, and energy bills along with other everyday utilities such as your phone contract, internet provider and home insurance.

There will be many more places your maiden name is stored; online shopping accounts, at your GP and dentist, even at your local theatre – but these changes can usually be made the next time you encounter them.

If you think we’ve missed anywhere vital, please let us know and we’ll add it to our list!

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