Who Sits At The Top Table?

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The table plan is one of the most complicated decisions of a wedding day. Deciding who sits next to whom and working around family politics can be difficult. This is also true for the top table. Here we’re talking about who sits at your top table, and the options that are available to you.


The traditional top table seats 8 people. It is a long table, facing out towards the rest of the wedding breakfast room and guests. The order from left to right goes:

Chief Bridesmaid – Grooms Father – Brides Mother – Groom – Bride – Brides Father – Grooms Mother – Best Man

This traditional format works well, providing everyone knows each other and gets along equally. Some couples have decided in recent times to change it a little so their parents sit with their spouse, but the people at the top table remain the same.

The top table raising a toast at Bluebell Banqueting Suite Barnsley Wedding


The family table work really well with larger or more complex families. If the newlyweds have children, they’ll likely want to be on the top table. Equally, if there are step parents and siblings you may want to include them too. In this case, the table can have up to 10 people seated. The order left to right often goes:

Grooms Step Father/Mother – Grooms Father/Mother – (Child) – Groom – Bride – (Child) – Brides Father/Mother – Brides Step Father/Mother

Depending on how many children the couple have and their ages, it’s sometimes more practical to have no parents at the top table at all. If children aren’t old enough to eat by themselves having extra hands there is always useful!

Who Sits At The Top Table


The sweetheart table removes all pressure of a top table at all. It’s a table set for two, so you can sit with your new husband or wife facing all your guests. This is particularly popular for couples with a large wedding party, for example multiple best men.

Table set up at 315 huddersfield


The party table is becoming more popular. It has a similar layout to the traditional table, but bridesmaids and groomsmen take the place of the parents. This gives you the top table aesthetic, with all the fun of your friends.

Who Sits At The Top Table


The flexible seating plan is growing in popularity. All the tables are set out, but there is no seating plan at all! This allows you as the couple to move around each table during the wedding breakfast and speak to all your guests. It also means you don’t have to decide who sits at the top table at all.

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