Who To Thank At Weddings

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A part of any wedding day is saying thank you to the people who have helped you along the way. Whether that’s bringing you up, being an amazing friend or helping with a particular part of the day, they all deserve a special mention. Today we’re talking about who to thank at weddings, and when.


The first people you should think about when it comes to who to thank at weddings is your family. We know not every family is the same, so we’re talking about the people who brought you up or have had a big impact on your life so far. Mentioning these people in your speeches is the most public way to show your gratitude to them.

Speeches at Bagden Hall Hotel Wedding Who To Thank At Weddings

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be with you throughout the whole wedding planning process. They’ll help you make some of the big decisions for your day and be there whenever you need them. They deserve a little thank you!
While it’s always a good idea to mention bridesmaids and groomsmen in the speeches, don’t feel that you have to give a gift at this point too. Think about your budget – if you’ve paid for dresses, suits, flowers, hair, makeup, shoes or jewellery then another gift isn’t necessary. They’ll just be glad they’re such a big part of your day. If you want to wait until after your best man’s speech to thank him that is perfectly acceptable; you might not want to thank him too much afterwards!

Bridesmiads and groomsmen next to the double decker bus at Wortley Hall Wedding


We’re not talking about paid suppliers here (although if you wanted to send them a thank you card after the wedding it’s always appreciated!). We mean the friends and family who have made things, given their time and helped you to reduce your overall costs. If someone has made your cake, flowers or wedding decorations, make sure you mention them. They’ll love that they’ve been recognised for their hard work.

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