How To Make A Paper Snowman

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These paper snowmen make a lovely Christmas decoration. They’re really simple to make and can be accessorised as much or as little as you like.

What you’ll need

2 sheets of White paper
Black paper
Googly eyes

Step 1

Take your first piece of white paper and fold it into quarters along the long side. It’s important to keep the longest side as this will be your snowman’s body.

Step 2.

Cut your paper along the fold lines. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Step 3.

Put a blob of glue in the centre of one of your strips. Stick the second strip on top, forming a cross shape. Repeat with the final two strips to create a star shape.

Step 4.

Take either end of your first strip and bring them to the top. Stick them to each other.
Repeat with all the strips until you have a ball shape. This is your snowman’s body.

Step 5.

Cut out 4 more strips, roughly half the width and length of your first strips (half a sheet of A4).
Repeat Steps 3 & 4 to create a second, smaller ball shape. This is your snowman’s head.

Step 6.

Stick the two balls together, top sides touching. Keeping the top sizes together keeps your snowman neat and tidy.

Step 7.


We’ve used googly eyes for our snowman’s face, and a small piece of orange paper for his nose. We’ve also cut out a top hat shape from the black paper and glued it to his head.

You could also make him a scarf out of tissue paper, or draw on features like a mouth and buttons.

When you’ve got the hang of snowmen why not try using brown paper to create Rudolph too?