5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

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When it comes to wedding flowers, or any flowers for that matter, we’re no experts. So this week we’ve decided to get in touch with Michelle from Olive May Floral Design to get her top 5 tips for choosing your wedding flowers.

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“When you book your wedding, you may have a clear idea of what flowers you require or you may not. Hopefully these tips will help guide you with your planning and help you find the florist that suits yours and your future partners’ vision.

1.Think about your overall feel you want for the wedding. The colour palette plays a major part in the flower decision as you want the flowers to compliment your wedding dress, the venue and any other wedding decor you may have. The flowers should bring together your vision.

2. As a general rule couples spend 10% of the overall wedding budget on flowers. Some will spend this amount and some will spend more, it all depends on whether flowers are one of the main priorities for your wedding.

When you are discussing your flowers with your florist it will help them if you have a rough idea of what bridal party flowers and arrangements you require, and your budget. Your florist should be able to advise the best use of arrangements so you get the maximum impact and use of your flowers no matter what your budget.

3. You need to think about the season you are marrying in especially if you do have certain flower varieties in mind. Peonies are not in season in October but you can pay a nice premium to have them imported for example. Seasonal flowers don’t necessarily mean cheaper prices – it means that the flowers are at their best at that time.

4. Pinterest is great for ideas, but remember a lot of images are filtered and are posted from all over the world. Flowers will come into season in different months depending on the country. Florists can use the images as a guide to what you are wanting but cannot recreate someone else’s flowers exactly. Your arrangements will be in the style of the florist you have chosen.

5. Personalise your blooms by adding in your Grandma’s favourite flower, or include charm with a picture of a loved one who can’t be there with you on to your ribbon. Ask your florist about ways to personalise your flowers if that’s something that you want to do and they will accommodate if they can.

As with any wedding supplier, once you have found your wedding florist you should book them as soon as possible. This is because most florists only accommodate one wedding per day and if you are getting married on a Saturday these dates get booked up pretty quick.

I hope these tips help you in choosing your wedding flowers or at least give you something to think about when you are looking for your florist.” – Michelle

Wedding bouquet in spring colours by Olive May Floral Design

For more information about Olive May Floral design, head over to their website here. If you’d like more tips for choosing your wedding flowers, take a look at our post with 11 questions to ask your wedding florist.