Wedding Invitations: A Guide

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In this wedding invitations guide we’re answering all your wedding invite questions. What is an invitation? Who should get one? When are they sent? We have all the information you’ll need here.

What Is A Wedding Invitation?

A wedding invitation is a formal invite to your wedding. They’re traditionally sent through the post, and give your guests all the information they’ll need about your wedding day. They come after save the date cards, a few months before your wedding. (You can find more information on save the dates here – Save The Dates: A Guide.)

When Should I Send My Invitations?

There are varied opinions on when a wedding invitation should be sent. We recommend 3 – 4 months before your final numbers need to be agreed with the venue. This gives you plenty of time to gather all your RSVPs, and chase anyone if you need to.

Who Should I Send An Invitation To?

Your wedding invitations should be sent to all your day and evening guests, in fact anyone you would like to attend your wedding! You’ll need to make sure anyone who received a save the date also gets a wedding invitation too.

While it may not be necessary to send invitations to your closest family or wedding party, it is a nice touch that they will appreciate. If you’ve gone down the DIY route, it’s always nice to give them an invitation that they’ve helped to make.

What Information Should Be Included?

Your wedding invitations will vary slightly depending on whether the recipient is invited all day you’re your evening reception.

An all-day invitation should include:
Your names, the date of the wedding, the location of both the ceremony and reception and the time of the ceremony. You also need to make sure you include the names of who is invited, and to have this written on the invitation itself, not just the envelope. If there are meal options, make sure this is included along with the RSVP details and deadlines.

An evening invitation should include:
Your names, the date of the wedding, the location of the reception and the time the reception will begin. You’ll also need to include the names of the people you’re inviting, and include plus one information.

Both invitations should include:
Hotel or accommodation information, plus pricing if possible. The time the evening will finish, along with numbers for local taxi firms so nobody is stranded. Your contact details including your address if you’d like RSVPs posting back to you.

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